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I am probably not your type, i don't got the look you like. I don't act like you wan't me to. In your idea's i'm ugly. In your eyes i am dumber than a rock, but that's okay cus i never asked for what you thought.

Well, I'm Val. Not like most people you find. I'm crazy, outgoing, scared, loving. But I'm never as i seam.

I don't act like some body i'm not as some one quite wise once told me "If you don't like the way i look, then look away! If you don't like the way i talk, then don't listen. If you don't like who i am, then walk away; I'm not forcing you to stay"

That is one of my many favorite quotes.

I have a hobby of liking quotes lol

Wanna know more? Well ask!

I love to get out and play sports, i don't look like it or even act like it, i am alone by myself yes but get me in a little football game i'm all over the place. I was born with sports in my blood, so ask me to play a little? Yes i love football but i'll play most any sport, even wrestling that's my second favorite.

well i was born country, i listen to rock, i scream with all the scream-o's, i get all jumpy listen to my techno and rave, i listen to the oldies and lay back and read, i listen to it all, even the opera, now aint that strange ^,-

I love my brother more than anything in the world well him and his son Dean. I love my friends even tho i move all the time they are tied to me like a knot that not even the best can untie, not that we would want to.

I've been known to hurt people but you know what if you really cared about me you would forgive me, even tho i'm still unable to forgive myself for everything i've done.

I live life on the wild side, i may seam like i'm worried but i love going out and getting crazy.

If you want me you have to be my Mario and save me. But don't be suprized if you are to late and Luigi is already holding me close. Lol

Well i may not be a photographer, i may not be a writer an actress or a singer. I won't have millions of people come all around the earth to buy the things i make or to hear the jokes i say or eat the food i make.

But i do thes things still because i love them, i cook, i draw, i write, i rime, i sing, and i dance. I take photos, and i'm into drama. no mater what tho even if i never get far with any of it, i'll still be happy. Life has dealt me a bad hand so far, i might have made it that way but maybe life just throws things my way like this because i always mange to duck and let it roll right off my shoulders, well what ever it is i never let it get to me.

My biggerst fear? being alone, and i always feel alone so it really explains me alot.

I don't know what this is but i wrote it ....

No mater how hard i try,

The thought it lingers,

It stays like the

Moon in the night,

The sun in the day.

The thoughts of leaving,

Letting go,

It would be better with out me

But still i stay.


They ask.

Cus i'm scared,

Not of death,

For there death,

With out me who would save them?

So i stay alive to keep them alive,

I live for every one ells.

Death has never scared me,

I i was born dead,

But i came back just to keep you alive,

So put the dagger down,

Step off the edge,

Drop the gun,

Step off the rode,

For with out you to save,

There would be no me,

So walk with me,

Down the rode of fear,

The rode for the strong only,

If we stick together we will stay strong,

But apart there is no reason

To put the dagger down,

To step off the edge,

To drop the gun,

To get out of the rode.

But don't worry,

I'll never leave,

If you don't.

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